Stewardship is one of our core values. We are proud to help our partners and clients implement solutions that provide up-to-date, accurate information and data on progress toward ESG targets, adherence to standards and impacts on the ground.

Forest certification

TTG is certified under the American Tree Farm and Sustainable Forestry Initiative. Lands managed by TTG may be managed under these standards to be considered certified forests.

Development and Management of Carbon Projects

TTG works alongside Landscape Capital in scoping and executing carbon projects in accordance with voluntary carbon markets. The group also handles suitability assessments that address climate change as a factor in providing management options for landowners.

Development and Management of Conservation Easements

TTG can help unlock revenue potential from land ownership while addressing conservation value.

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Don’t know exactly what you’re looking for? We’d like to hear more about your property, understand your needs and goals and explore how we can help. We specialize in helping clients identify alternative revenue sources, such as hunting leases or carbon credits, and other opportunities that help generate maximum financial, environmental and recreational value from your land.